Baby blankets for sweet dreams

Choose the right baby blanket for your child and start establishing good sleeping habits early on. Covering all your baby bedding needs, we offer a wide selection of high quality, affordable baby blankets, quilts, sheets and sleeping bags in a broad range of colours, patterns and styles, helping you to make the nursery as cozy, safe and inviting as possible. When you establish the cot as a calm and pleasant place to be, your baby is far more likely to go to sleep easily and without a fuss, making bedtime much less stressful for the both of you. So choose a baby blanket that makes your child feel safe and warm all night long. Browse through our extensive baby blanket collection now and take the hassle out of bedtime.

View Our Full Range of Blankets »
View Our Full Range of Blankets »

Choose the best baby blanket for your child

The right baby blanket can make all the difference to how well your baby sleeps. It’s so important that your baby gets enough sleep- newborns need at least 15 to 18 hours a night, so you can imagine that this time would be far less stressful for you both if the cot was a warm, comforting and safe environment.

With a quality baby blanket, you can teach your baby to identify the nursery as a safe and pleasant place to be, making him much more likely to go to sleep easily. By choosing a good baby blanket and nice quilts, sheets and sleeping bags, you are on the right track to establishing good sleeping habits in your child early on. So give your baby a good night’s sleep. Browse through our fantastic baby blanket collection and choose the best bedding, all at the greatest value for money.

Warm, comfortable, safe baby blanket range

You'll find in our extensive range of baby blanket sets high-quality quilts and sheets that are designed for the optimum comfort and protection of your baby. With soft materials like traditional woven cotton, stretch cotton terry, cotton jersey, bamboo, or brushed flannelette, we offer baby blankets that will keep your child cozy and secure all night long.

When you choose a baby blanket, make life that little bit easier for yourself by choosing a bedding set that is machine washable and easy to clean. Our baby blanket sets are designed for your convenience, so that any mess is easily cleaned, giving your baby a clean and hygienic sleeping environment every night, without the extra hassle for you. So for all your baby blanket needs, look no further. Our fantastic collection of quilts, sheets and baby blankets offers everything you need for a peaceful sleep.

Buy baby blankets online now

So don’t settle for any less. Choose a baby blanket that offers all the warmth, comfort and protection you need for your baby. For all the best baby blankets at the greatest value for money, look through our online collection now, and experience the difference of a good night’s sleep every night.

Some baby-bedding terms explained:

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  • Learn about Landaux's Reflex, an instinctive reaction in babies to keep them from smothering when laid face-down.
  • Find out about the harsh detergents and residues used in baby products that can leave your baby with a nasty rash.
  • Learn about Sleep Apnoea, a fairly common ailment, affecting adults and children all over the world.
  • Discover the numerous Sleeping Positions and how to keep your baby as safe as possible when they sleep.
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