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Every adorable baby deserves equally adorable bedding to complete his nursery. For the best baby gifts, choose from a huge range of different colours, patterns and styles available here. With such a wide selection of blankets, quilts, sheets and sleeping bags, we’ve got all your baby shower gifts covered. So help a new mother to make her baby’s nursery as cozy, comfortable and attractive as possible. For all your baby gift needs, browse through our selection of high quality, affordable baby bedding now.

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Browse Our Gift Ideas »

Baby shower gifts: Cute, practical, safe

To make the process of falling asleep much less stressful for both mother and baby, help to make the nursery a relaxing and comfortable place, rather than simply somewhere the baby is left at nighttime. Babies sleep anywhere from 15 to 18 hours each day, so you can imagine how much more pleasant those hours would be in a place that is warm and calming. That’s why blankets, quilts and sleeping bags make such great baby gifts. A new mother can never have too many! So for all the best baby shower gifts, look no further. Check out our online collection and choose the perfect baby gift today.

Quality baby gifts, cots and blankets

Choose the best baby gifts with our range of blankets, quilts, sheets and sleeping bags. You’ll find within our baby gift collection high quality products designed for the ultimate comfort and protection of new babies. Soft materials, including stretch cotton terry, woven cotton, cotton jersey, bamboo and brushed flannelette are pleasant to touch and keep any baby warm and cozy all night long. For the sensitive baby, we provide hypoallergenic options for a safe and healthy sleeping environment. We’ve got all your baby shower gifts covered- so head over to the online store now and see for yourself.

When you’re picking out baby shower gifts, choose something both cute and practical. The right baby bedding is important for keeping the baby at a comfortable temperature. With baby blankets available in all different thicknesses and materials suitable for all different seasons, you can help a new mother to keep her baby comfortable and safe no matter what the weather conditions may be. Sheets and blankets are a good choice for baby gifts, because they are easy to layer if the baby becomes too hot or too cold during the night. Sleeping bags are also excellent baby shower gifts- on milder evenings, they will keep the baby at a consistent temperature without the danger of him kicking off his blankets and waking up cold. For the best baby gift, check out our great selection of ideas now.

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We offer all the best baby gifts, making your shopping so simple. Make bedtime easier for the mothers and babies you care about. For blankets, quilts, sleeping bags and other great baby shower gifts, check out our fantastic collection online now.

Some baby-bedding terms explained:

  • Learn about the unfortunate effects of Sleep Deprivation and how you can help your loved ones.
  • Discover Controlled Crying, a technique used for teaching your baby to fall asleep on their own.
  • Find out more about Misshapen Heads a common deformity that gradually disappears as the soft bones and skin settle into their natural places.
  • Learn about the importance of a secure Sleep Environment and how it can impact your baby's confidence.
  • Learn how to deal with your baby's Separation Anxiety.
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