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The Amazing Baby Grobag

The safest way to ensure your baby sleeps snug and soundly all night (so you can too!)



Check out Baby Bedding’s fantastic range of baby Grobags and give your child the best night’s sleep. Click on the product images below to view individual features and prices.

View Our Full Grobag Range »
View Our Full Grobag Range »

When The Gro Company introduced the baby Grobag in 2000, the number of parents who used baby sleeping bags rose from zero to 80% in just 5 years.

Since then, there have been over 2 million baby Grobags sold around the world!

More and more mothers are recognising the safety benefits associated with using fitted sleeping bags. Baby Grobags will keep your child comfortable and warm; reducing the SIDS risks commonly associated with loose blankets and over-bedding.

Babies love to kick their way out of blankets and end up being cold and irritable, or worse, they can wriggle their way under bedding and suffocate. The baby Grobag is a safe alternative, creating a secure sleeping environment that keeps them snug and sound asleep through the entire night.

Baby Grobags use 100% cotton for the outer fabric and lining, which is incredibly soft and helps the child’s skin to breathe naturally.

Choose from a range of fantastic designs

Baby Grobags come in a range of themed designs, to suit boys and girls, and gender-neutral colours are available that can be handed down through siblings. The Gro Company launch new designs each year to keep up with seasonal trends.

Baby Grobags are renowned for safety

There are many dangers which all parents must be aware of when putting their child to sleep. Loose bedding can suffocate the child and too much bedding can cause over-heating. There is a much higher rate of SIDS during winter months, so it’s important that you put your child to sleep with bedding which is warm, safe and comfortable.

Each baby Grobag design follows the guidelines stated by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death (FSID), which recommend that sleeping bags should be sleeve-less, not hooded, well-fitting and have a low TOG rating (TOG refers to the warmth of material).

Grobags are designed to keep babies at a safe and comfortable temperature and the neck opening prevents them from slipping down.

Safety Tips

Here at Baby Bedding, we put safety first. Take some time to read these helpful hints to provide the best sleeping environment for your child.

  • When putting your baby to sleep, make sure you lay them on their back
  • Make sure your child’s head cannot pass through the neck hole of the baby Grobag once it is fastened.
  • Choosing the right size baby Grobag is important and ensures they will not slip down and suffocate.
  • Never cover the baby Grobag with a quilt, blanket or sheet. With the appropriate night-clothes, the Grobag will provide the ideal warmth.
  • Regularly check your baby while he or she is sleeping, to ensure that they are not overheating.

Help us prevent SIDS

Baby Grobags are a safer way to put your child to bed and The Gro Company is also assisting the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) to help reduce SIDS. The Gro Company has provided over $800,000AUD to help fund FSID sleep research and promote safe sleep practices.

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