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Give your child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep with soft and luxurious baby linen

When choosing baby bed linen, comfort and safety come before all else. It is important that you use brands which you know and trust, to create the best sleeping environment for your child.

New-born babies spend most of their time sleeping – it helps them grow and become strong; so it is important that they remain safe and sound each and every night. A baby’s skin is delicate and easily irritated, so you must provide the softest baby linen to ensure the most comfort and warmth.

Baby Bedding offers the highest-quality baby bed linen and the best value for money. We only stock the most reliable international children’s brands. Click on any of the product images below to view our entire collection of baby bed linen and find the perfect addition to your nursery.

\When people choose linen for adults, they tend to look for plush pillows and thick doonas but these can actually be dangerous for babies and increase the risk of SIDS. If a child is smothered by their linen, it can block their airways and cause suffocation.

When it comes to selecting baby bed linen, safety and softness takes priority!

To make it easier for first-time mums, Baby Bedding has compiled a list of the qualities which must be considered when selecting baby bed linen.


A baby’s skin is much more sensitive, so stiff or rough material will cause abrasions and irritations. It is important that you find the softest material for all baby bed linen. To be safe, Baby Bedding recommends 100% cotton material. Cotton is soft, washes well and allows the child’s skin to breathe naturally.

It is also important that the material you select is non-toxic, to prevent nasty skin conditions. This can be avoided by selecting organic materials. Organic materials are produced without the use of harmful chemicals and are best for the health your baby.


It is important that all baby linen is fitted to the exact size of your bassinet, cot or bed. The mattress should fit perfectly within the cot and all sheets and blankets should be securely tucked (but not too tightly), so they do not become loose.

Loose bedding can be very harmful to babies. If they are kicked off, they can leave the baby exposed to the cold and if a baby wriggles underneath their blankets they can suffocate.

Spare sets

Babies are messy, so always make sure you have a spare set of baby linen for when the others are being washed.

If you are a first-time mother and would like some assistance selecting the best baby linen for your child, contact Baby Bedding directly and we can point you in the right direction.

What should I look for when choosing baby bed linen?


A child’s first baby blanket is a symbol of comfort and safety. A great blanket will stay with them at all times and is often passed down for generations to come, so it must be durable.

Baby blankets come in a range of soft materials and fantastic designs. Choose from a variety of colours to suit the decor of your child’s room or nursery.

Quilts and Pillows

While decorative quilts and pillows look fantastic, you should avoid placing them in the cot with a child under 2 years of age. They pose a risk of smothering or suffocating the child.


You will go through more sheets than other baby linen, so it is important to buy them in sets. Make sure that your sheets are fitted to match the bassinet, crib or bed. All Baby Bedding sheets are machine-washable and designed to preserve colour and maintain their softness.

Mattress Protectors

The cot mattress will not last long without the right protection. A quality mattress protector will help you get the longest life from your bedding. Make sure you select a mattress protector which is absorbent, comfortable and easily washable.

Tips for arranging baby linen

  • Wash all linen before using
  • Place the baby with his or her feet at the end of the cot, to prevent them from wriggling down
  • Make sure their head remains uncovered
  • Tuck the sheets firmly, to prevent them from becoming loose.
  • Providing too much baby linen will cause the baby to over-heat
  • Remove and quilts, pillows and soft toys from the cot when the baby is sleeping

Baby bed linen makes the perfect gifts

Let’s face it – mothers can never have too much baby linen. Babies love making a mess and it is always handy having spare sheets and blankets stored in the cupboard, which you can quickly change and put your baby back to sleep.

Baby bed linen makes the perfect gifts for new mums and shows that you have put thought into something practical.

If you know the sex of the child, it is always a good idea to stick with traditional colours (match blues for boys and pinks for girls) and if in doubt, neutral colours such as whites, yellows and greens are always nice, and suit most nursery settings.

Check out the fantastic range of baby linen available at Baby Bedding. We have the largest selection of international children’s designers and offer the best value for money.

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