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Dress your baby in comfort and style each night

New-born babies will spend most of their time sleeping; it helps them grow big and strong. It is very important that parents create the most comfortable sleeping environment because after all, a well-rested baby is a happier and healthier baby.

Quality baby pajamas provide the perfect warmth and allow the child’s skin to breathe naturally; helping them to maintain a healthy temperature during the night and reduce some of the common risks associated with SIDS.

Baby Bedding has a gorgeous selection of baby pajamas and offers parents the best value for money. Browse through our entire catalogue and give your child the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep.

View Our Range of Sleepwear »
View Our Range of Sleepwear »

Things to look for when choosing baby sleepwear

Choosing quality baby pajamas may seem like a difficult task, especially for first-time mothers; but Baby Bedding is here to make your job easier. We only stock the most reliable brands, so quality is always guaranteed and here are some other qualities you may want to consider when selecting baby pajamas:


Babies have much more sensitive skin than adults, so it is important that the material is soft to touch and free of harmful chemicals. Synthetic fabrics can contain traces of bleach and dyes which cause irritating skin conditions.

Most parents prefer natural cotton, because it is soft, machine-washable and allows the child’s skin to breathe. Organic cotton is manufactured using 100% natural resources, which is healthiest for the child’s skin.

Comfort is the most important quality to consider, because when your child is snug and warm, they will sleep undisturbed for longer – which means the rest of your family will too. Try to avoid baby pajamas that have buttons, pointy zips or prickly fabrics.


Size is very important, because baby pajamas that are too tight or too loose are hazardous for the child. Loose pyjamas can fall off during the night, leaving the child cold and irritable, or worse, they could smother the child’s face and suffocate them. Tight clothing on the other hand, can restrict the child’s movement, cut-off circulation or choke them.


While comfort and safety should take priority, parents still want baby pajamas that are cute and cuddly. Baby Bedding stocks quality sleepwear from the leading children’s designers from around the world.

Choose from a range of vibrant colours, soft materials and seasonal styles. We have winter and summer ranges, with shorts and singlets for boys, and dresses for girls.

Extra Outfits

Parents should always have spare sets of baby pajamas kept aside. Babies are messy, so it is important that you can change and get them back to sleep as quickly as possible. On this note, we suggest you find a material that can also be machine-washed, to save you time.

Choosing baby pajamas for hot and cold weather

Baby Bedding has a fantastic selection of baby pajamas, to keep them warm and comfortable through all seasons. As a simple rule, dress your baby in as much clothing as you would dress yourself for bed.

In winter, long-sleeves and pants, usually in a thicker material or with a fleece lining, will provide enough warmth. In summer a singlet and nappy will keep them cool; but be sure to check children regularly on hot nights to ensure they are not over-heating.

Can I just dress my child in regular clothes?

While there are no safety risks involved with dressing your child in regular clothes; baby pajamas have many advantages which help children fall into a healthy sleeping routine.

Unlike small children, new-borns will not recognise that when they are uncomfortable or grumpy, that it is time for bed. They need sensory cues to indicate when it is time to sleep. Baby pajamas are an effective mothering tool, which the child will begin to associate with the comfort and warmth of bed and help them fall into a sleepy mind-state each night.

We also suggest you find pajamas that are colourful and fun, so that the baby can easily differentiate them from other clothing.

Baby Bedding has a fantastic range of baby sleepwear

Whether you are look for your own child or need the perfect present for family or friends, you will find the perfect solution at Baby Bedding. Choose from a range of beautiful designs and materials, with blues and pinks to the sex of the child or traditional colours to match the look of any nursery.

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