Baby Sleeping Bags

Because a well-rested baby is a happy and healthy baby

Parents are beginning to understand the advantages of using a baby sleeping bag and the pleasure of having a child who sleeps well each and every night.

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View Range of Sleeping Bags »

A baby sleeping bag is one of the best methods to help your child sleep snug and soundly. They also have many health benefits for the child and help reduce the risk of SIDS that is commonly associated with loose blankets and over-bedding.

Babies need their sleep – it helps them grow big and strong. It is important that you create the safest sleeping environment to ensure the child remains warm and comfortable at all times.

And when your child sleeps well, the rest of the family can too!

Our baby sleeping bags are available in a range of gorgeous designs which parents can choose to match the gender of their child or complement the look of any nursery setting. Just click on the images below to view individual features and prices.

The benefits of a baby sleeping bag

Babies love to kick and wriggle during the night and loose blankets are a risk to the child’s safety. Blankets can be easily kicked off leaving the child cold and irritable and if they were to wriggle underneath their bedding they could suffocate. The correct size baby sleeping bag should not fall off or restrict movement.

There is less tidying involved with sleeping bags, because you never need to make the bed in the morning or continually wash sheets and blankets. A baby sleeping bag is the only bedding you will need to keep your child warm and they can be easily machine washed when dirty.

Much like pyjamas a baby sleeping bag helps children develop healthy sleep routines. Children need cues to indicate when it is time to sleep and they will begin to associate the sleeping bag with bed-time. Eventually they will become sleepy when they see it making it easier to get them to bed each night.

What should children wear to bed?

Baby sleeping bags are designed to keep the child’s body temperature at a healthy level so you will only need to dress your child in the same amount of clothing as you would dress yourself. A nappy and singlet is sufficient in warmer weather and long-sleeves and pyjama pants will provide enough warmth in winter.

It is important that you never put too much bedding over your child! This causes over-heating and is one of the common causes of SIDS.

Organic materials are available

Many parents prefer buying organic material for their children because it is clear of harmful chemicals which can cause skin conditions or illness. Organic materials are grown and crafted with 100% natural resources which is much better for the health of the child and the sustainable production methods are better for our environment.

Safety comes first

While sleeping bags for babies can help to reduce some of the risks of SIDS there are still many other precautions that parents can take to improve the sleeping environment for their children, including:

  • Lay new borns to sleep on their backs
  • Make sure the baby sleeping bag fits comfortably. If they are too big the child could slip underneath them and if they are too small they could restrict movement or choke
  • Avoid putting extra bedding over the sleeping bag; it may cause the child to over-heat
  • Regularly check the baby during the night to make sure they are not overheating

Baby Bedding has a fantastic range of sleeping bags

Do the research for yourself – there are many health benefits associated with sleeping bags for babies. Baby Bedding is proud to offer Australian parents the highest quality products and the best prices available.

Lay your child to sleep in comfort, warmth and safety each night with a fitted sleeping bag. Click on the product images above to view individual features, sizes and prices.

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