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Put your child to sleep in comfort and style

New-born babies will spend more time sleeping in their first year than any other activity; it is when children will do most of their growing. It is important that you create a healthy sleeping environment and quality baby sleepwear provides comfort, warmth and protection; helping the child to relax at night and gain the sleep they need.

With advances in design and material, baby sleepwear also reduces some of the risks associated with SIDS and can relieve children from irritating skin conditions. Natural cotton helps the child’s skin to breathe naturally, helping them to maintain a healthy body temperature and organic materials are free of the harmful chemicals which aggravate the symptoms of eczema.

Baby bedding has a great range of baby sleepwear available and offers the best value for money. Choose from sizes, materials, colours and designs to find exactly what you are looking for.

View Our Range of Sleepwear »
View Our Range of Sleepwear »

Finding suitable baby sleepwear may seem like a daunting task, but Baby Bedding has made it a lot easier for parents. We only stock the most reliable brands, so you can always rely on quality and value. Here are some other important qualities to consider:


If your child is not comfortable at night, they will become irritable and cry. By providing them with soft pyjamas, they will sleep pleasantly and undisturbed – which means the rest of your family can too! Select designs that do not have buttons, pointy zips or prickly material.


A child’s skin is more sensitive than adults, so it is important you find pyjamas that are soft and warm. Some synthetic materials can be quite rough, causing abrasions, and if they were produced with bleaches and synthetic dyes, they can cause harmful skin conditions.

Most parents stick to 100% cotton, which can be easily machine-washed and preserves colour. The natural fibres are incredibly soft and resilient, and allow the child’s skin to breathe naturally.


It is important that baby pyjamas fit well, to avoid harming the child or leaving them cold and irritable. Loose clothing can fall off during the night and tight clothing can choke the baby or cut off circulation.


Comfort and safety should always take priority when selecting baby sleepwear, but you still need pyjamas which look cute and cuddly. Baby Bedding only stocks sleepwear from the biggest international designers; who have built a reputation for quality and style.

Choose from a fantastic range of colours and designs, including gender-specific pinks and blues, and traditional browns, creams and yellows to match any nursery setting.

Spare sets

Babies are messy! So always try and keep spare sets of baby sleepwear and bedding stored away, which you can change when others are soiled or in the wash. We also recommend finding material which is machine-washable, to make cleaning easier.

Baby sleepwear for winter and summer

There are different styles of pyjamas to suit different seasons. In winter, babies should be dressed in long-sleeves and pants, usually in a thicker material or fleece lining. Some parents put socks on their children but they usually fall off during the night. Modern designs have booties attached, which keep the baby’s feet warm through the entire night.

In the hotter months, a thinner material such as cotton is recommended. Dressing them in a singlet and nappy will allow them to remain comfortable during the night but be sure to check on them regularly to make sure they are not overheating.

Why regular clothes are not recommended for bed

Many parents ask why they need pyjamas, when they could just dress their child in regular clothes. Dressing your child in their day-to-day clothing does not pose any health risks but baby sleepwear will help children form a healthier sleep routine.

Baby sleepwear signals to the child each night that it is time for bed. Eventually, they will begin to associate the bed-wear with comfort and warmth, and automatically put themselves in a sleepy mind-state. To improve the effect of baby sleepwear, we suggest you find a fun design that the child will differentiate from their other clothing.

One destination for all baby sleepwear

Baby Bedding stocks a fantastic range of baby sleepwear and offers the best value for money. Whether you are buying for your own child or need a gift for friends or family, we will have the perfect solution. Purchasing online is easy and all items will be shipped or posted right to your door!

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