Baby Wall Art

Brighten up your child’s room

During their first year, your child will spend more time in their room than any other place, so don’t leave them to stare at a blank wall – give them something bright and exciting to look at. Baby wall art will keep children entertained for hours and inspires their imagination.

Choose from traditional canvas art or removable wall stickers for different effects. All baby wall art comes in a range of designs to match interior paint and bed linen, or create an entirely new theme across the room.

Surround your child with colour!

Baby Bedding has a fantastic range of baby wall art available, so you can find the perfect addition to any nursery setting. Click on the images below to view individual designs and compare prices. Purchasing online is easy, and all items will be shipped or posted within days!

View Our Full Range of Wall Art »
View Our Full Range of Wall Art »

Nursery decorations add style and flare to any room, and there are plenty of benefits for the child. Baby wall art acts as an educational tool for newborns, exposing them to a variety of shapes and colours, and assisting with learning and development.

The visual benefits of nursery decorations include:

  • Provides hours of entertainment
  • Inspires the imagination
  • Creates a positive environment for the child
  • Establishes a central theme

There are different types of baby wall art available, so take some time to consider the effects and advantages of each before decorating your child’s room.

Removable Wall Stickers

Painting is permanent, messy and time-consuming, and once the child is older, you will probably end up repainting the room anyway. Decorating your child’s room should be fun and easy!

Removable wall stickers are a cheaper form of baby wall art, which can be repositioned, removed and replaced whenever you like, as often as you like. Most importantly, they do not leave sticky marks or paint chips!

The benefits of removable nursery art:

  • You can easily reposition stickers when you shift rooms or furniture
  • They can be removed when the child is older
  • You can change colours and themes at any time
  • They do not damage existing paintwork or finishes

Baby Bedding stocks a massive range of removable wall stickers, so you can choose themes to suit the gender of your child or find colours to match the nursery setting.

All wall sticker themes are designed to assist learning and development. They feature common shapes, objects and animals which children will begin to recognise, giving them a better understanding of the world around them.

Allow children to become the designer!

The biggest advantage of removable wall stickers is that once children are old enough, they can use the stickers themselves to decorate their room. Children can play safely, because removable wall stickers are non-toxic and durable.

Your children will enjoy creating new patterns and stories, teaching them valuable life-skills, such as:

  • Expressing themselves creatively
  • Problem solving
  • Visual recognition
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Confidence
  • Independence

Children will be entertained for hours, distracting them from needing constant attention and giving parents more time to get things done around the house.

Most importantly, removable wall stickers are a cheaper, non-permanent and much less messier alternative to painting and drawing!

Canvas Art

When we visualise the perfect nursery setting for our children, there is always a beautiful canvas painting featured on the wall. Canvas art will always be popular, because it adds class and style to any room.

Friends and family will appreciate the effort you have put into the presentation of your nursery and your commitment to buying quality products. Canvas art can be used as a central piece within the room or tie in with existing colour themes.

Baby wall art makes the perfect gift

Parents will appreciate the thought that has gone into a present which not only looks great but has many educational benefits for the child.

Baby Bedding has a fantastic range of baby wall art available, so you can find the perfect addition to any room. We gather the most reliable children’s brands and offer Australian parents the best value for money.

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