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A Baby wrap is a fantastic way of keeping your child safe at night. They provide the ideal warmth for children and are designed to keep them on their back during sleep; helping to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The comfier your child is, the less likely they will become irritated and cry during the night – so your entire family can sleep soundly.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a quality baby wrap, without spending more than you can afford – luckily Baby Bedding is here to help. On our website, you will only find the most reliable international children’s brands and the best value for money.

We select all baby products based upon safety, reliability and style. Take some time to browse our collection of baby bedding and clothing, to provide your child with the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Baby wraps come in a range of designs, sizes and materials, so it is important that you review their individual features before making a selection.

The material should be warm and soft to touch, to ensure the most comfort and support for your child. Most parents prefer a muslin cotton baby wrap, because it is machine-washable and allows the child’s skin to breathe naturally.

View Our Range of Baby Wraps »
View Our Range of Baby Wraps »

Baby wraps also come in a range of different patterns and styles, so you can find colours to suit the gender of your child or match any nursery setting.

How to tie a baby wrap correctly

There are many different ways to tie a wrap; here is one method taken from

  1. Place baby off-centre (to left or right)
  2. Fold baby’s arm across chest and bring shorter side of wrap across baby’s arm and tuck firmly under baby
  3. Bring larger side of wrap across and tuck under baby
  4. Bring larger side of wrap across and tuck under baby
  5. Bring the bottom of the wrap up on top of baby
  6. Fold the bottom of the wrap under baby
  7. Always sleep baby on their back with head and face uncovered

How to dress your child for bed

Try and dress your child similarly to how you would dress yourself when going to bed. In cold weather, dress them in long sleeves and pants and in warmer weather, a singlet and nappy is fine. Remember to dress them in thinner materials in the summer, to prevent overheating.

Other uses for baby wraps

Durable baby wraps are a versatile mothering tool which can be reused for many applications. Here are some ideas of how you can effectively use your baby wrap:

  • Changing pad

    Place the wrap on the floor or table when changing nappies to provide extra warmth against cold surfaces.

  • Play mat

    Wraps can be placed on the ground to provide a comfortable play spot for children (just be sure to wash it before using again!)

  • Cot cover

    When you are out and about, baby wraps can provide protection against the hot sun or insects.

  • Burping towel

    There is no need to ruin your outfit when you burp your child. Wraps can be easily machine-washed, so place it over your shoulder to catch any mess.

When it comes to baby products, we always put safety first!

Please take some time to read these helpful safety tips to provide the best care for your child while using a wrap:

  • Make sure bedding is not smothering the child’s face or airways
  • Don’t swaddle too tightly
  • Once a child is old enough to turn-over themselves, don’t leave them alone in a restricting baby wrap

Baby Bedding enjoys helping new mothers provide the best care for their children, so if you have any further enquiries about how to wrap correctly or select the right products, please feel free to contact us directly.

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