Cozy, Warm and Classic Baby Bedding: the Doona

A doona (called a "duvet" outside of Australia) is a down-filled blanket, used on beds in place of the more complicated system of bedsheets, blankets, and overlying comforter. They are extremely popular, especially in northern Europe, and make for easy and efficient baby bedding.

Using an infant-sized doona as baby bedding in the cot reduces the risk of the baby smothering on other blankets, but it should be remembered that loose blankets of any sort should not be in the cot with a baby younger than twelve months.

What Makes the Doona Ideal Baby Bedding?

The doona's softness and breathability make it ideal for use as baby bedding, particularly in the winter months. Parents might be concerned about over- or under-dressing their infant, but when a doona serves as baby bedding, everyone can rest comfortably. The baby can always kick or roll free of the blanket if it becomes too warm, and without any other baby bedding to complicate their movements, they're less likely to become frustrated.

Unlike most baby bedding manufactured from textile fabrics, the doona is filled with down (or, in some modern variants, it may be filled with silk, polyester blends, wool, or cotton). This adds a comforting weight and encourages infants to nest into their baby bedding. Nesting, and the sense of being "cradled", are recognized as being very important to the development of infants. Why purchase baby bedding that doesn't support their natural instincts or growth when you could buy them a doona and comfort them in luxury?

Low-Maintenance, High-Performance Baby Bedding

The doona has recently become popular as baby bedding for just these reasons, which are supported by the scientific and pediatric communities as significant. Doonas specifically designed for use as baby bedding can be found in numerous stores, and the blankets are much warmer and softer than most articles of baby bedding. They wash easily and present little to no risk of aspiration as long as they're in good repair.

Doonas are simply and easily made, and available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and schemes, like most baby bedding. It would even be fairly easy to make one yourself if you can't find a ready-made one to match the colors of your child's nursery. They're long-lasting, and even when they do start to come apart, they're easy to repair.

Baby Bedding For All Seasons

A doona's tog rating is a measurement of warmth. Doonas with a higher tog rating are warmer. Due to the availability of doonas of different tog ratings, you could purchase doonas to suit the season. This makes them even more ideal for use as baby bedding since parents often worry about their children being either too hot or too cold. With flexible baby bedding options, you can provide for changes in the season without sacrificing comfort or quality.

If you're concerned about keeping your baby warm, but don't want to worry about them getting tangled in loose baby bedding, consider a doona; it's the practical and stylish solution.

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