The Art of Replacing Yourself with a Quality Baby Bedding Set

"Self settling" refers to the ability of an infant to calm and soothe itself when abruptly woken or startled. This is a learned skill, not an inborn trait, although some babies seem to be naturally better at self settling than others. However, teaching your baby to become self-settling can be very trying, as they're likely to fuss and cry while learning how to relax themselves without your assistance.

One of the most important, yet most overlooked, factors in teaching your baby to be self-settling is a quality baby bedding set. Your baby must be comfortable and warm before you can expect him to go to sleep on his own.

Teaching Your Baby to Sleep

Newborns operate primarily on instinct. They're so overwhelmed by the newness of the world, they probably wouldn't object if you changed their baby bedding set to something less comfortable, or merely wrapped them in a blanket for bedtime. They sleep so frequently and for so long that it seems nothing can stop them from getting the sleep they need. But as your child grows, it comes to associate your presence - your warmth, smell, and sound - with extreme comfort. When you then attempt to put the baby into a bassinette or a cot, it fusses because it knows the baby bedding set is not you.

This is where things get a little tricky for most parents. Your baby is necessarily going to cry while learning how to settle himself; it's part of the learning experience. The point is for your baby, while secure and cozy in his baby bedding set, to find a way of satisfying his own desires without your presence. For most babies, this means sucking on a thumb, curling into a favorite position, cuddling up against a lump in the baby bedding set for comfort, or just crying until they're exhausted. Don't worry.. as they get older and adjust to sleeping in a bassinette and then a cot, their baby bedding set will come to mean soothing safety and relaxation, and they'll look forward to their resting time.

The Hardest Part

While listening to your baby cry is nerve-wracking, it's even more so when you realize you can't try to soothe them by picking them up. Taking them out of the baby bedding set will only reinforce your position in their mind as the place of ultimate comfort. Experts recommend going in after the baby has been crying for five minutes and gently reminding them you're around. You can touch them, but don't remove them from their baby bedding set, and try to keep your voice as calm and relaxed as possible. If your baby senses you are nervous or upset, he'll get those same feelings, and become more upset.

Once your baby learns how to comfort himself - and, if you're strong and stick to your goals, he'll learn quickly! - then the entire household will benefit. Babies do a lot to disrupt household schedules; getting your baby to sleep through the night, or even to sleep away from you for several hours at a stretch, is a major accomplishment and a big step on the return to normalcy. It's only the first of many bumpy learning experiences, but, like those that will come after, you'll be grateful for the results. Be sure you're providing your baby with the safest and most comfortable baby bedding set possible, and prepare for a grueling few weeks.

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