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There really is no better way to get your child to sleep

The Gro Company introduced the Gro Bag in 2000 and in just 5 years, the number of parents in the U.K. who used baby sleeping bags rose from zero to 80%.

Since then, more than 2 million Gro Bags have been sold around the world!

Thanks to Baby Bedding, more Australian parents can now experience the benefits of a Gro Bag, and the advantages of having a child that sleeps safe and soundly every night.

Many mothers are beginning to recognise the benefits of fitted sleeping bags. Gro Bags keep children at a healthy temperature and prevent them from rolling on their stomachs during sleep; helping to reduce some of the common risks associated with SIDS.

Unlike blankets, which can become loose, the Gro Bag stays fitted comfortably during the night, so your child will sleep peacefully through the night – which means the rest of your family can too!

Baby Bedding has a fantastic range of Gro Bags in various colours and designs. Click on the images below to view individual features and prices.


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There are Gro Bags to suit all tastes

The Gro Company understand that while comfort and safety comes first, parents still want baby bedding that looks cute and cuddly.

They have developed a fantastic range of Gro Bags in traditional and modern colours. Choose from pinks and blues to match the sex of your child or soft browns and whites to match the theme of your nursery. Gro Bags also feature gorgeous animal designs that children will love.

The outer fabric and lining of each Gro Bag is crafted from 100% cotton, which preserves colour for longer, is incredibly soft and helps the child’s skin to breathe naturally.

Gro Bags are renowned for safety

Parents must always ensure that the bedding they provide is safe for children and Gro Bags follow the safety guidelines stated by the Foundation of the Study of Infant Death (FSID). The guidelines recommend that baby sleeping bags should be sleeve-less, not hooded, well-fitted and have a low TOG rating*

Safe bedding will reduce many of the risks associated with SIDS, such as over-heating and choking. The Gro Bag has a specially-designed neck opening, which prevents the child from choking or slipping down and suffocating. The natural material allows the child’s skin to breathe naturally, keeping a healthy temperature throughout the night.

The Gro Bag temperature ratings are designed to provide the correct warmth in any climate; so it is not recommended that extra bedding be put on the child – as this can increase the risk of overheating.

*TOG is a rating system which refers to the warmth of material

Additional safety tips

Here at Baby Bedding, we try to help mothers create the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment for their children. Please take some time to read these additional safety tips:

  • When putting your new-born to sleep, try to rest them on their back
  • Make sure your child’s head cannot pass through the neck opening once it is fastened
  • Make sure the baby is not too small for the Gro Bag, so they do not slip down and suffocate
  • Don’t cover the Gro Bag with a blanket or quilt – it may cause them to overheat.
  • Regularly check your baby during the night to ensure they are not too hot

Do the research – Gro Bags are safe, warm and comfortable

Give your child the gift of a healthy night’s sleep! Baby Bedding is proud to offer Australian parents a fantastic selection of Gro Bags, in a variety of styles and designs. Purchasing online is easy, and all items will be posted or shipped within daysusually on the same day they’re ordered.

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