grobag egg thermometer

The Amazing Grobag Egg

The easiest way to ensure a healthy room temperature for your baby

When children are sleeping, the Grobag Egg allows parents to keep track of the room temperature. It uses coloured lighting to indicate when the temperature is ideal for children, or when it is too cold or hot. The Grobag Egg thermometer allows parents to regulate warmth, to ensure the child sleeps comfortably and prevent over-heating, which is still one of the common causes of SIDS.

The Gro Company are renowned for safety. They developed the Grobag sleeping bag, which is one of the most popular children’s products in the world. The Gro Company are committed to helping parents create the safest sleeping environment for children, and the Grobag Egg makes this easier.

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View Our Full Gro Bag Range »

The Grobag Egg was awarded 2006 Nursery Product of the Year at the Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair.

The Gro Company have made it as easy as possible to monitor and control room temperatures. The colour indicator provides instant warning if the temperature changes and allows you to respond accordingly. If the temperature rises or drops, you can dress them differently or adjust heating/cooling systems to regulate.

The benefits of colour lighting

The Grobag egg thermometer uses a simple colour lighting system to make gauging temperature easy for parents; by glowing yellow if the room is within a healthy temperature (between 16-20°C), a blue light to indicate cold and red when the room is too hot.

The yellow is designed to give the room a soothing glow, which will also help the child to sleep better at night. The lighting system is also handy for seeing in the dark, without having to turn on a light and wake the child.

Safety Tips

The Grobag Egg is designed to help parents and carers control a safe temperature for children to sleep, but there are other measures that you can take to ensure the safest sleeping environment.

Here at Baby Bedding, we always put children’s safety first – please take some time to read these simple safety tips:

  • Always lay the baby on their back when going to sleep
  • Make sure their bedding is tucked; loose bedding can be hazardous to babies.
  • If your child is sleeping in a Grobag sleeping bag, do not cover them with additional bedding. With the correct clothing, Grobags provide enough warmth.

Help The Gro Company fight SIDS

The Grobag egg thermometer was designed to instantly reduce some of the risks associated with SIDS, and The Gro Company are providing additional funding to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) to prevent deaths in the future. The Gro Company has already provided over $800,000AUD to assist FSID sleep research and promote safe sleep practices.

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