Hooded Towel

The best way to keep your baby warm and cosy after a bath is with a hooded towel.

Babies can lose lots of heat in a short period of time, so it is important their heads are immediately dried and covered after getting out of the water. Babies have extremely sensitive skin and a hooded towel is the best way of keeping them warm and preventing their temperature from dropping.

Hooded towels come in a fantastic range of absorbent fabrics that are perfect for the baby’s skin and fun designs which make bath-time a fun experience.

Some parents have trouble getting their children in and out of the bath without causing a fuss. A hooded towel with fun animal designs and bright colours make bath-time a positive experience, and it will become a special part of their routine.

There are many qualities which must be considered when choosing a hooded towel, including:

  • Softness
  • Absorbency
  • Size (make sure it is big enough)
  • Natural fabrics
  • Dries quickly
  • Machine-washable

Baby Bedding has a gorgeous collection of hooded towels and accessories, to help you make each bath as safe and fun as possible. Click on the images below to view individual features and prices.

View Our Range of Baby Towels »
View Our Range of Baby Towels »

Why hooded towels are best

Hooded towels are the best way to keep your child snug and warm after a bath or swim. Babies don’t have much hair on their heads, and feel the cold a lot more than adults. The hood keeps their head protected while you dry them; minimising the amount of heat they lose and help them to maintain a healthy body temperature.

Hooded towels sets

Baby Bedding stocks a fantastic range of hooded towel sets, which make the perfect gift for expecting mothers. A hooded towel shows that you have taken the time to consider something which is safe, practical and cute.

Sets come with an absorbent wash-cloth, so parents will have everything they need to keep their baby clean and dry.

Choosing the right material

When selecting a hooded towel, make sure you select a material which is soft, absorbent, can be easily machine-washed and dries quickly. We recommend natural cotton, bamboo blends or traditional towelling; they are best for the child’s skin and preserve colour and softness.

Gorgeous designs and colours

While comfort and warmth are the main concern when selecting a towel for your child, it is also important that they look cute and cuddly. Baby Bedding only stocks baby towels from leading international children’s designers, so you will find a full range of colours and designs.

Choose from pinks or blues to suit boys and girls, or traditional whites and browns to match bathroom interior or bed linen.

Animal designs are a great way of making bath-time fun and exciting for the child. Hooded towels are available with yellow ducks and cuddly bears that all children will love.

Baby Bedding has a fantastic range!

Whether you are buying for your own child or need a gift for friends or family, Baby Bedding will have the perfect solution. We only stock the most reliable children’s brands and offer the best value for money.

Purchasing online is quick and simple. Orders will be shipped or posted and all items will arrive on your doorstep within days. It’s never been easier to provide the best products for your baby!

Safety tips

Here at Baby Bedding, we try to make a mother’s job as stress-free as possible. Please take some time to read these safety precautions to keep your child safe around water:

  • Make sure you have a towel ready before putting your child in the bath. Never leave them around water unattended to go and get one!
  • Take your child with you or get another adult to supervise if you need to leave the bathroom.
  • Children should always be watched by a responsible adult when around water.
  • Wash your child’s head towards the end of the bath, so that they lose minimal heat to the cold air.

For first-time mothers, preparing for the arrival of a new-born can seem quite daunting; so if you have any questions regarding the best products for your child, please make an online enquiry or contact Baby Bedding directly.

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