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Kid’s Bedding

Give your child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep

Children need their sleep – it helps them to grow big and strong. It is important that parents create a sleeping environment which provides comfort, warmth and safety above all else. Choosing the right kid’s bedding can make all the difference.

Here at Baby Bedding, we try and make a mother’s job as easy as possible, which is why we gather the most reliable brands and offer the best value for money. So you only need to come to one place to find the highest-quality children’s bedding!

A well-rested child is a happy and healthy child. Baby Bedding stocks a massive collection of kid’s bedding, in a variety of styles and designs. You will find the perfect addition to any room. Just click on the images below to view individual features.

View Our Full Kids Bedding Range »
View Our Full Kids Bedding Range »

Choosing the best bedding for your children

When selecting the most appropriate kid’s bedding, safety, warmth and comfort should take priority. To make it easier, Baby Bedding has outlined the main qualities which all parents should consider when selecting children’s bedding.

Soft and Natural Material

A child’s skin is much more sensitive than adults, and rough material can cause irritation or abrasions, so kid’s bedding should always be soft in texture.

Organic material is more popular in recent times, because it is grown and crafted using natural resources. Some non-organic fabrics are grown with pesticides, genetic enhancers and manufactured with bleaches and synthetic dyes. Traces of these harmful chemicals can remain in the material and come in contact with the child’s skin, causing harmful reactions or illness.

Fun Designs

While kid’s bedding should be warm and comfortable, it is also important that you choose fun styles that the children will love and connect with. There are many themed designs, which feature different characters, animals and places, to suit the child’s gender or interests.

Fitted Bedding

All children’s bedding should be fitted to the exact size of the bed. The mattress should fit perfectly within the base and linen should be fitted and tucked.

Spare linen

Accidents happen – so it is important that you have spare linen available when bedding gets dirty or is in the wash. Most parents prefer cotton, because it is machine-washable and preserves colour and softness for longer than other materials.

Mattress Protectors

Parents do not often consider the benefits of a quality mattress protector. Mattresses can often be expensive, and a quality protector ensures they last longer, without forming nasty stains or bad smells. When selecting a mattress protector, consider absorbency, comfort and how easy it will be to clean.

We only stock the best bedding for kids

Whether you need children’s bedding for your own family or are looking for a suitable gift, Baby Bedding stocks a fantastic range of brands and can help you find the perfect solution. Choose from a range of exciting styles, with themed designs to suit boys and girls, and traditional colours to match the interior of any room.

Purchasing online is quick and easy, and all orders are usually shipped or posted the same day – arriving at your doorstep within days.

Looking for Toddler Bed sizes?

Generally, toddler bed mattresses are the same size as cot mattresses, and we have a huge range of cot bedding. Just be sure to check the dimensions on our product pages. If you need advice, feel free to give us a call.

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