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Nursery Decorations

Keep your child entertained with some exciting nursery decorating.

Your child will spend more time in their nursery than any other place – give them something exciting to look at instead of a blank wall. Nursery decoration encourages children to use their imaginations and assists with learning and development.

There are many different forms of nursery decorating, so you can find the perfect addition to any setting. Wall art and hanging decorations can be used to complement any theme, add colour and create a positive atmosphere for the child.

Temporary nursery decorations, such as removable wall stickers are available, so you don’t even have to spend a fortune!

Baby Bedding has a fantastic collection of nursery decorations, so whether you are preparing your own nursery or need the perfect gift, Baby Bedding will have an affordable solution for you.

View Range of Nursery Decor »
View Range of Nursery Decor »

Nursery decorating not only looks fantastic, but also has many educational benefits for the child. Nursery decorations assist with learning and development, helping children use their imaginations and give them a better understanding the world around them.

Here’s how your child will benefit from nursery decorations:

  • Encourages them to use their imaginations
  • Inspires creativity
  • Helps them identify common shapes and colours

Creating the perfect nursery setting

Baby Bedding stocks a fantastic range of nursery decorations in a variety of colours and designs. You can find a solution to complement existing linen and furniture or create an entirely new theme within the room.

Visual benefits of nursery decorating:

  • Entertains the child
  • Creates a positive feel within the room
  • Ties in with colour-schemes

There are many forms of nursery decorations available, so consider the appearance and advantages of each product before making a decision.

Removable Wall Stickers

Removable wall stickers are one of the most popular forms of nursery decorating, because they are non-permanent, child-safe and look fantastic. Removable wall stickers are not expensive, so when the child gets older or bored of one design, you can simply remove or replace them with another.

The benefits of removable stickers for nursery decoration include:

  • Easily repositioned when shifting rooms or furniture
  • Easily removed when the child is older
  • Change colours and themes instantly
  • No paint chips or sticky marks

Removable wall stickers come in different themes, which introduce children to various settings, objects and animals.

Most importantly, removable wall stickers are thick and safe for young children to play with. Once your child is old enough to control their movements, they can try nursery decorating by themselves; using removable wall stickers to create their own patterns and designs.

Giving your child creative freedom has many educational benefits, such as:

  • Children will feel more comfortable among their own creations
  • Allows them to express themselves creatively
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Encourages problem-solving
  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination

Giving your children creative freedom will keep them entertained for hours, distracting them from needing constant attention. Non-permanent stickers are a safe, cheap and far-less messy alternative to painting.

Canvas Art

When we picture a traditional nursery, there is always a beautiful canvas painting hanging in the centre of the wall. Capturing style and class, quality canvas art can stand out as the main feature within a room or tie-in with existing colour themes.


Commonly known as decorative flags, bunting has become a very popular method of nursery decorating. Bunting can be hung on walls or draped from the roof to create a beach or festive look, and comes in a range of different colours to match with existing bed linen, furniture or paints.

Find the perfect gift for friends and family

Parents will love the thought and consideration that has gone into a present that not only looks fantastic, but has many educational benefits for the child through nursery decoration.

Baby Bedding makes decorating easy, because everything is available in the one destination!

Baby Bedding has a fantastic selection of nursery decorations in various colours and designs, so parents can add new items as they please. We only stock the most reliable children’s brands and offer the best value for money to all customers.

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