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Nursery Wall Art

Inspire your child’s imagination...

Decorating your child’s nursery can be a fun experience, and friends and family will be impressed with the time you have taken to surround your child with colour and style.

Not only do they look fantastic, but nursery decorations assist with learning and development, encouraging children to use their imaginations and express themselves creatively. Creative nursery wall art will keep children occupied and introduces them to various shapes and objects.

There are many different types of nursery decorations, which can be used to create an entire theme or complement existing furniture and bedding. Baby Bedding has a fantastic range of nursery wall art, including removable stickers, canvas paintings and bunting.

Create the perfect sleeping environment for your child with some exciting nursery wall art. Click on the images below to view different features and compare prices.

View Our Full Range of Wall Art »
View Our Full Range of Wall Art »

Colourful nursery wall art not only looks great; it has many educational benefits. Children will begin to identify different shapes and objects, giving them a better understanding of the world around them.

Nursery wall art will provide the following advantages:

  • Encourages children to use their imagination
  • Inspires creativity
  • Prompts visual recognition

Add a splash of colour!

Baby Bedding has a fantastic selection of nursery wall art available, so you can tie the room together or buy matching sets to create an entirely new theme.

There are many different colours and styles available; giving you complete creative freedom over the look you want. There are pinks and blues available to suit girls and boys, or traditional browns, whites and reds to match existing linen and furniture.

Interesting decorations will keep your child entertained for hours and they will eventually learn how to keep themselves occupied; building self-confidence and teaching them to play independently.

Removable wall stickers

Removable wall stickers are one of the most popular methods of nursery wall art. They are affordable, non-permanent and most importantly, they look great. Removable wall stickers allow you to decorate the room as you please and free to reposition, remove or replace them as often as you like.

Removable stickers can be applied to almost all surfaces, including glass, wood, plastic and plaster. They come in a fantastic variety of themes, which introduce children to different settings, animals and objects. Soon children will begin to recognise shapes and colours, helping them to better understand the world around them.

The benefits of removable nursery wall art:

  • Reposition or replace stickers when shifting furniture or rooms
  • Remove them when the child is older
  • Change themes at any point
  • No sticky marks or paint chips

Removable wall stickers are also thick and safe for young children to play with. When the child is old enough, they can take can take creative control and use the stickers to decorate their own room. This offers many other educational benefits for the child, including:

  • They can express themselves creatively
  • Children will be more comfortable in a room they have decorated
  • Helps them to develop hand/eye coordination
  • Encourages problem-solving skills

Your children will be entertained for hours and removable stickers are a more affordable and less-messy alternative to painting.

Canvas Art

When most parents picture the perfect nursery for their children, they usually see a beautiful canvas painting hanging proudly on the wall. Canvas paintings reflect class and style and can be used as the feature piece of any room or complement existing nursery colours, bed linen or furniture. Friends and family will also appreciate the time you have put into the presentation of your child’s room.


Bunting can be hung on walls or draped from the roof, to create a beach, nautical or festive look. Also known as decorative flags, bunting is easily affordable and comes in set packages to match children’s bed linen.

Find the perfect addition to any nursery setting

Whether you are decorating your own nursery or looking for the perfect gift, Baby Bedding will have the perfect solution for you. We stock a fantastic collection of nursery decorations in many colours and designs. Purchasing online is quick and all items will be shipped or posted usually on the same day.

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