Safety and Sids

SIDS is short for ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ and used to be called‘cot death’. It means the sudden, unexpected death of a baby from no known cause. SIDS is the most common cause of death in babies between one month and one year of age. Most babies who die of SIDS are under six months. More babies die of SIDS in winter than in summer.

It is still not clear what causes SIDS. Some factors are thought to work together to reduce the risk of SIDS, but they may or may not help prevent any one SIDS death. Remember, 1999 out of 2000 babies will not die of SIDS.

Tips for Safe Sleeping

  1. Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side
  2. Sleep baby with face uncovered (no doonas, pillows, lambs wool, bumpers or soft toys)
  3. Avoid exposing babies to tobacco smoke before birth and after
  4. Provide a safe sleeping environment (safe cot, safe mattress, safe bedding)
  5. Put baby’s feet at the bottom of the cot
  6. Tuck in bedclothes securely so bedding is not loose
  7. Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping environment next to the parent's bed for the first six to twelve months of life
  8. Remove all toys, pillows and cushions from the cot/bassinet before putting baby to sleep
  9. Quilts, doonas, duvets, and bumpers are not recommended for babies under 12 months of age

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