Swaddle Blanket

Give your child the gift of a good night’s sleep

Mothers have always regarded swaddle blankets as one of the safest and most comfortable methods for getting children to sleep. They provide warmth and protection; helping to reduce some of the common risks of SIDS.

By creating a healthy sleeping environment, your child will be snug and sound each night – which means the rest of your family can too.

As a first time mother, it can often be hard to find reliable children’s products that are also affordable. Baby Bedding only stocks the highest-quality products and offers the best value for money.

We have a fantastic selection of swaddle blankets, to help your child gain the best sleep at night. Choose from a selection of colours and designs to suit the gender of your child or match existing themes within your nursery.

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View Our Range of Baby Wraps »

Swaddle blankets are available in a range of gorgeous materials, colours, sizes and styles, so you should review the advantages of each before making a selection.

Swaddle blanket material should be warm and soft to touch. A child’s skin is incredibly sensitive, so it is important that the fabric is soothing and does not cause irritation or abrasions. Most parents prefer cotton, because it preserves colour and softness for longest and is machine-washable.

No matter what material you choose, all swaddle blankets come in a range of colours and designs, so you can find one to suit the sex of your child or match any nursery setting.

Other uses for quality blankets

Swaddle blankets are a versatile mothering tool, which can be used for many other applications. A durable swaddle can be reused as a:

  • Changing pad

    When changing clothes or nappies, lay the blanket on the floor or change table to provide extra warmth.

  • Play mat
    Lay the swaddle on the ground to create a comfortable play area. Just make sure you wash it before using again.
  • Cot cover
    Protect your child from harsh sunlight or insects by draping the swaddle blanket over their cot.
  • Burping towel
    Swaddle blankets are easily machine-washable, so just place it over your shoulder to catch any mess; saving you from ruining another outfit.

Tying a swaddle correctly

There are different ways to tie swaddle blankets; here is one method taken from SidsandKids.org:

  1. Place baby off-centre (to left or right)
  2. Fold baby’s arm across chest and bring shorter side of wrap across baby’s arm and tuck firmly under baby
  3. Bring larger side of wrap across and tuck under baby
  4. Bring larger side of wrap across and tuck under baby
  5. Bring the bottom of the wrap up on top of baby
  6. Fold the bottom of the wrap under baby
  7. Always sleep baby on their back with head and face uncovered

Dressing your child for bed

It can sometimes be hard to judge the most appropriate clothing for babies when dressing them for bed. As a safe guide, just try to dress them in the same amount of clothing as you would dress yourself for bed. Long-sleeves and pants provide enough warmth in winter and a singlet and nappy will keep them cool in summer – a quality swaddle blanket will then keep them at a healthy temperature.

Find durable bedding and great value for money

Whether you are providing for your own child or just need a thoughtful gift for family or friends, swaddle blankets are safe, stylish and help children gain a healthy night’s sleep. Looking after a new-born can be stressful, and all parents will appreciate a gift that makes their job easier.

Baby Bedding has a fantastic selection of swaddles in a range of gorgeous designs. Find the right colours to match any nursery setting!

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